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Mind Over Manipulators is the story of one woman’s journey through life, her relationships with abusive men and her fight to fix the broken justice systems in the UK. 

After being tortured and almost murdered, Zoe was then dragged through family court to retain custody of her four-year-old daughter, who was placed in the care of a man who used this ‘opportunity’ to exact revenge. At the same time, Zoe was being intimidated from prison by her potential murderer and had to navigate both the criminal and family justice systems concurrently.

Whilst going through her ordeal, Zoe found a way to channel her anger and frustration to help others. Using her professional experience, she embarked on a journey to change the law, specifically around serial offenders of domestic abuse and stalking, the most dangerous kind, and family law practices, which have long been documented as outdated and unfair.

In her book, she talks about how she found the strength to fight the system, recover from abuse and build a better life. She empowers and validates other victims and survivors with her story, and provides them with information on red flags while reflecting on her own experiences to educate others. She also aims to give insights to professionals working in the field so they can understand what happens from a victim perspective. 

Zoe’s near-death experience has given her a laser focus on what she wants out of life, and she wants women to know that they don’t have to be a victim and can become stronger through their experience, as long as they do something about it. 

“A searingly honest, harrowing and eye-opening account of male violence and abuse and how the system re-victimizes women at every turn. Zoe is a warrior and an inspiration. Read this book – it might just save a life.”
 ~Laura Richards

Zoe Dronfield

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