Welcome to my website.

As you are here you must have heard my story. Maybe you know some of it, maybe you have read bits in the media, maybe you have heard me speak. Often on those platforms its hard to say everything. Well I am here to tell all, to help you.

For what I went through was something so ferocious, so relentless, so utterly soul destroying that I cannot be a bystander and watch others suffer the way I did when this could have so easily have been avoided had there had been a little thought about the victim.

I am here to educate you and guide you to have a more successful and happy life post abuse. Read this with empathy, and understand that no victim EVER goes into a relationship knowing they are with someone who will ultimately want to destroy them. Victims of abuse need to be empowered to speak out, not vilified.

My book Mind Over Manipulators (MOM) documents my journey, guides the reader through the red flags to look out for and I reflect on each chapter with hindsight.

You CAN come through abuse a better version of yourself.

You can not only survive and thrive but become a warrior and the conqueror of your life.

You deserve it!

Zoe Dronfield

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